How to Impress Your Man

Do you like a guy a lot? Did he finally invite you to go out? Would you like to impress him and win his heart? Are you looking for love advice for women? Most women do not know how to impress their date that’s why they end up doing crazy things. This is why love advice is very important. But is there a way to impress him without being obvious?

Going out with someone you really like makes you feel nervous especially if you badly want to impress him. Most dates like these do not end up right and he might not even call you back unless he badly want you, too. What you need is a good love advise that will help you catch his interest and impress him. But how will you do that if this is your first time to go out with him? How will you impress him if your body is shaking?

Impressing your man doesn’t have to be very difficult. Read on these love advice for women if you want to know exactly how to attract him.

Tip #1: Be Confident

No man will resist a confident woman. They like woman who knows what she wants and how to get them. Confident women keep men’s interest simply because they are very challenging. Confident women combined with endless challenges make man crazy.

Tip #2: Be Independent

A man hates it when a woman depends her life with him. Men want a woman who knows how to take care of herself and can make wise decisions without him. He wants a woman who will not live her life spending all her time with him. If your prospect determines that you are very independent, you already impressed him without doing much effort.

Tip #3: Be Smart

One of the best and effective love advice for women is to be smart. Men don’t like women who play dumb as well as women know acts like they were born yesterday. You can easily impress a man if you will use that thing in between your ears whenever you talk to him. However, be careful with this one as some men hate it when a woman appears to be stronger and more intelligent than him.

Tip #4: Dress Up

Get a sexy outfit that will show off your assets without sending a wrong impression on men. They like red dress and high heels as these make a woman more attractive. But never wear high heels if you are not comfortable with it and never forget this love advice for women because you can’t impress a man if you don’t know how to carry yourself.

Tip #5: Find His Interest

Find out what his hobbies are and the things that keep him busy. Bear in mind that men like cars, sports and outdoor adventures. Never show him that you are not into things like this because that will make him feel awkward. Keep your conversation going by listening to him and asking questions. Do all your best to sound like you really want to know more about whatever you’re discussing.