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Are You a Night Guy or a Day guy? by dave.

and this goes so much to ease of application. within a rwo mile radius of my home are six major supermarkets,. now do i have a favorite. no. do i stock up, no. i maket each and every day. what i need for the day. would i like to have a full fridge and sit at home where very few women wonder in or run into women each and every day. second, there is bound to be at least one cute checker woking every day at one maket or another.

do i want to go to the speediest line or the line where i can engage the cutest checker? the next day another market, same deal. whenever i go back, i only have a few items, it becomes clear to her i have notice her and am in her line for a reason. reasonableness? now real life example, the other day i needed cigars, she and i had to go to the legally mandated counter to keep children from accessing tobacco, and at that point i mentioned that i dont think i have ever seen her wear makeup. she forgot the other customers waiting for us to return and we had a nice exchange about how she does eyeliner, and the rest only sometimes but she is sure it just wears off to the point i don’t notice. content here is irrelevent, i am the guy who engaged her. what i have done since is just add strokes each time i see her. the conversation lengthens a little more each time, reasonable? and it gets to the point where it is obvious to us both we need to sit down and lengthen the convesation.

i like to build comfort in this way, but the point is that i am the guy who stands out, who took an interest.

in a normal, easy fashion, without all the bs that goes on at clubs. in other situation on the street, a woman i might see passing on the street, i have tried T’s direct approach, and found it works well. dave also commented first, just like your software picked up my age, i have been covered with click-throughs to attract conect inspire dot com or some such nonsense, it is aimed at older guys, but it absolutely sucks, just what you do not want to do. guy’s name is ad am gil ad, i say i think you do not want to do that but i am beginning to suspect there are a lot of guys out there who follow this stuff, with no real intention of following the program, it is just fun to co-miserate (this guy is having a convention 1 wk after launch) and more fun to tell locker room stories than have a woman lay in their arms. but specifically, the guy is making a fundamental mktng mistake which i see you have avoided, but is becoming rampant. he is (this is stupid on more than one level, but i know you are busy) pitching the idea that you can mentor younger women, predicated on show of success and wealth. this is ok to a point in the upscale market but he does not differentiate, but besides the obvious flaw, he is discounting, and i am sorry, but $20,000 off sticker does not attract me, just give me the price of quality. it kills me that so many of your competitors are engaged in price-war ( i got an offer for tha entire package for $5, m.back. guarntee, for just the cost of shipping. shit, a video of a movie you saw, a re-run coumes out @ $17!
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What to Say to Cold Women

i went to the auto show here in the states. i went during the day, in the middle of the week. the floor was wide open. these girls still have to get up and do their routine every so many minutes, it’s kind of funny to watch as they pitch to no one there. so, i park myself right in front of her, put my hand to my chin, with my other arm across my chest, and tune in super intently to her, and nod in agreement, shift my eyebrows with curiosity and amazement, and just lay it on thick. after she’s done and i have assured her i will indeed have a great rest of the day at the autoshow, she smiles. extends her hand so i can help her down and gives me her whole life s tory like we were old buds. i guess the counter in tuitive thing here is not playing into her role, but getting her to admit she’s stuck in one?

Video: T Gets a Woman’s Number in 1 Minute at a Mall one last thing, jumpyduck, go ahead and try that ‘i saw you, you are the only woman for me’ shit, the answer you are going to get is ‘you don’t even know me’ your shit is really base and inulting to women, you are making the assumption of attraction on appearance, not someone who approaches and says ‘I find you interesting’. jackass

Video: T Gets a Woman’s Number in 1 Minute at a Mall lol, and so what if the video says ‘Savvy’ with two v’s, who has her number, your nit-picky little ass, or T?

Video: T Gets a Woman’s Number in 1 Minute at a Mall jumpyduck, i guess you have only been atracted to one woman in you life, or you are more likely wating for that ‘ magic moment’ when the ‘one woman’ comes into view.. suppose it’s the day her mother dies. you are an idiot, keep jacking off, leave the women to men. T told her she was attractive, that’s it, buddy, not she is the only woman that could ever be the right one, that is insane, that will keep you jacking off the rest of your life, but then again, you are not attracted to women, are you, it will be one day that you see the only woman that could possibly interest you and you will magically fall into each other’s arms, right?

Video: T Gets a Woman’s Number in 1 Minute at a Mall
i don’t see any thing sloppy here, you translated from phonetics to spelling, although i usually add, ‘ let me guess’ on spelling, no harm done. lol, try it sometime rather than being such a jerk
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