Avoiding Rejection when Approaching Girls How do you approach a girl in a nightclub or on the street?

T with a girl he picked up off the street at night in four minutes and 20 seconds.
Not learning how to approach a girl is by far the biggest thing holding you back from ball blistering success with women. In this article you will learn the basics of:
How to approach a girl in a club.

How to approach a girl on the street.

There’s a variety of proven and tested way on how to approach a girl. Some involve asking her a question and getting her opinion on something. Others involve making a passing comment to her and hoping she bites. Finally there is the way I’ve been teaching men for over six years, that can get you her number in under a minute. I have hundreds of videos to prove it.

The Issue

You’re a strange man approaching an unsuspecting woman. You’re stronger than her, you’re bigger than her and you’re catching her off guard. Many girls get nervous or scared when guys approach them. It’s too intense and awkward and they want the guy to leave because a lot of the time they don’t know why he is really there.

The Solution

Often in daytime pickup scenarios the woman is not expecting to be seduced in under a minute as she’s walking from the bus stop to her office. She will be caught off guard, as will some girls in nightclubs, assuming you don’t spend an hour hovering around her NOT making eye contact because you’re too embarrassed.

Catching her off guard fits in perfectly with one of our four core seduction principles: Counter-intuitiveness . This is a broad concept but for these purposes all you need to know is that you must differentiate yourself from the other male competition.

The best way to do this is not just by touching her on the arm to get her attention but also by making a comment that is not sleazy or concocted. It is called a situational opener; you may be familiar with it.
If you can tease her or casually make a comment about what she’s doing at that given point in time, you will be on your way to coming across as an approachable guy. She will be less scared to respond and engage in small talk that is not yet a conversation.
Girl at bus stop approach example:
A woman is waiting at a bus stop.
You: “You know, sometimes I sit here and think waiting for the bus is the biggest waste of time in the world.”
Her: “You’re right. It’s been ages now.”

Most average men try these feeble small talk attempts. They exchange a few lines, have no idea what to say and then stop because the girl doesn’t give back, and why should she? You’re pitching to her and as awesome as you may be she doesn’t know that.
How to walk away with her number:

The aim is not to be sleazy. There are two types of guys which need to learn how to approach a girl: The guys who approach too heavily and make the girl feel sick to hear what they’re actually saying and the guys who doesn’t have the balls to even do that so they make small talk then excuse themselves and leave.

Both of these types of guys will fail. The small talk breaks the ice and your delivery is a key concern. It needs to be casual and laid back. We talk more about delivery in our online course but basically, you must talk with a measured tone and pace, relaxed as if you’re just asking the person for the time.

Here’s where you make your intentions known and start to get her number in under a minute. You need to be direct but casual and tell her that you think she is cute, that you rarely do this sort of thing and that you would just really regret not saying something to her.

If you really want to learn how to approach a girl and more importantly, to get her number in under a minute, then check out our course because I can’t teach this properly without videos and you can’t prove it works without seeing it done many times in many contexts.
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