3 Useful Examples of How to Use Takeaways in Seduction (and I’m not talking about food here)

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Be a Man and Share the Moral Burden Associated With Sex

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The foundations of this theory are based on simple psychology: create pleasure and then show you have the power to take it away. You need to get women excited or interested in something and then take it away at its peak . This alone will not get you highly potent results as timing helps, so I have helped adapt this theory to the three most crucial points in any seduction to increase its potency.

3 Useful Examples of How to Use Takeaways in Seduction

On the phone: Most conversations have a point in time where both people are genuinely interested in the conversation (the social hook point) and have an urge to continue talking to the other party. When the other party says things like “Oh my God I know exactly what you mean etc” or when you ask them a question which they really want to answer e.g. “So tell me more about how you got your promotion” you know you are at the social hook.

You can gauge how interested or excited they are at any given point as their voices will go louder, higher and faster. At this point, perhaps halfway through a story you can perform a following takeaway. You will say that you need to go as you either: have another call, have dinner ready or simply say “something’s come up” to keep them guessing.

This rule also applies to text-message conversations however in the case of text messaging you will end it by not replying. Text messaging is highly useful tool however my dating advice is to use it only for flirty purposes. Text messaging to make the first call or to set up arrangements will be viewed as you being too much of a pussy to actually have a proper conversation.
On the Date: If you are being playful wait until they reciprocate, get interested and then you can walk away. Only do this once or twice as not to make it obvious or make the woman feel rejected. An example might be you are playing a little game with them, even if it is a juvenile one like a thumb war, when they start to reciprocate and seem to be having fun stop what you are doing on its high. Either pull away or say with a smile “Ah is that the best you’ve got?” or “Pfft you’re no fun!” Childish humor delivered in a playful way will always be appreciated and will help you in the act of seduction.

In the Bedroom: This is perhaps the most potent tactic you can use when dating women. On face value it sounds simple, in reality the results are devastatingly effective. When you get to the foreplay stage with your woman and everything points towards sex you need to get them excited. As this is not the playboy forum I will not go into gory details as to how you physically do that but I am sure you can use your imagination (and have used it in the past *slap*slap*). Once she appears to be getting into it (any form of foreplay or flirting) pull back and say:

You: we’re moving too quickly Her: (having never heard a man say that in his life): um…ok? You: I really want to stay but I made a promise to myself that I won’t have sex until the 2nd / 3rd / 4th date Her: you can’t be serious You: I mean it, I like taking my time
No man will have ever done this to her, you will leave her unbelievably sexually frustrated. If this is the last emotion you leave her with she will continue to associate with you with this emotion for the subsequent times that you see her and even well after you finish hiding the salami. If done correctly, and by that I mean leaving them at the peak of their horniness, that last feeling you left them with will last every day until the next time they see you and will likely result in you getting laid within minutes of seeing her on your next date (assuming that you are in the right location).

Why It Isn’t Always a Good Idea to Have Sex On the First Opportunity

You may be asking “Why wouldn’t I just take the sex on the first opportunity?” The answer is simple: most women, during foreplay and just before sex, will become uncertain and put up their defenses as they will feel like a slut . Even though there are some things you can do to alleviate this feeling it is a lot easier to prevent it than to fix it. This technique also has long term benefits.
You can turn the girl you are with into your FB (friend with benefits) or girlfriend with greater ease than if you have a one night stand and try to take it further. Women will often feel cheap if you escalate the situation too quickly, they think emotionally before they think logically and will follow their heart before their mind. They may have short term excitement but once that subsides their conscience starts to take the reins. They will develop ‘Buyer’s Remorse’, soon the thought of you will make them sick, not for the reason that you have done anything wrong, mainly because you remind them of an impulse decision they feel they should not have made.

If you and your woman only want a one night stand then you can still use this technique however instead of actually leaving just give the impression that you do not intend to stay. You can even take it as far as walking to the door and just as you are about to leave turn around as if you have changed your mind on impulse, come back, open her legs and close the deal.

Be a Man and Share the Moral Burden Associated With Sex

This technique allows you to almost beat them to their own objections. You are now seen to have taken the moral high-ground which will not only establish a greater rapport with your woman but the shock alone will quell their fears of feeling or being perceived as cheap. Women know they will always have sexual power over you as they are the stronger gender when it comes to sexual control. In this instance you turn the tables of sexual power, you in-fact are the one who can take part of the responsibility for any feelings of cheapness or buyers remorse because you demonstrate to them that burden of the decision is no longer fully theirs.
Remember that making sex out to be a huge deal and giving over all your hand to the female will increase the perceived gravity of what the two of you are about to do. It will seem like a big decision, which takes big thinking which means big risks for you. Traditionally the moral burdens associated with sex were fully borne by the woman, if you communicate to her that you share the same concerns she will feel that the responsibility is now split, allowing her to be more lenient with herself.

Key Dating Advice: Be Different But Not a Liar

This may seem unbelievable to you that men would have these concerns but let me tell you, often they are there and not raised. Men who want to have a long term relationship with the woman or see her more than just for a one night stand often feel the same way yet rarely speak up as they feel they should take the offer whilst it is still on the table.

Once again being counterintuitive is a great dating advice. Demonstrate that you are different to all the other men who want them for a one night stand. You are no longer the average man so why go about your seductions in an average way? If a woman does ask you what you intend for the two of you in the future, if anything at all, never lie. Not only is it unethical but they will realise you do not mean it.

You will get more respect speaking the truth than trying to cover it up and trust me, when you are horny you will never be convincing. If an answer or situation appears too perfect it will sound alarms bells in her head. It is better to throw in the occasional downside to add legitimacy to what you are saying. Go to my Online Dating Course for Men by clicking