I have no problem sleeping with girls, am in the high 70’s by now.

My problem is having a relationship with a girl who I really like, and to last for a long time. That’s the hard part for me, how to do that without all the work involved in keeping a girl interested?.

As for sleeping with girls, I highly recommend being very calm, cool, and seductive. They will try to throw you off your game by saying “Oh! what are you doing?!

” (in a shocked weirded out tone) or “No sexy sexy on the first date”.., but I like to call these TESTS, girls throw these out all the time, they’ll question you or make fun of you, or do something to put you off your game…The trick is not falling for it, and turning it around in your favor. Respond by being cool, calm, seductive, and purposeful.. If she asks you why you are rubbing her thigh, tell her “it looked lonely and needed my warm hands for comfort”.. putting out the cool vibe, as if you’ve done it a hundred times. Smile. foreplay is great to lead to sex, sexual tension is great also. Don’t listen to what girls say, but more on what their body language says.

I feel women will try to always test you on whether you can tell the difference between what their body language is saying and what they are verbally saying (and it turns them on when you read their mysterious body language code over their verbal language barrier builder), and they test YOUR body language to see if it’s in accordance with what you are verbally Saying (if they both are not in agreement, she will get thrown off and weirded out)…

So don’t listen to her when she whispers “no” yet she’s breathing heavily in your arms, heart beating fast… respond “I know we shouldn’t, this is wrong.. but it’s extremely exciting and I can’t help myself.” Touch her in all the spots that are not her private parts or boobs until you are ready to make the next move and get sexual.

Also, consider things come up for girls, like periods, yeast infections, std outbreak, who knows.. the thing I’ve noticed is that with sex, one day a girl will be turned on, the next she won’t. I don’t know if it has to do with the stars and the planets or not, but I like to think of it as windows of opportunity that enter your world. If you don’t grab your balls and be a man, your opportunity will pass you by. I can’t even remember the last time a girl put the moves on me to get me in bed, so don’t count on that happening as an option.

Peace bro n good luck..
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