If You Want Women In Bars Read This

How many of us are interested in finding women at bars and pubs, without even knowing the basic pickup lines or not knowing how to use them on women. If you do not possess any skill on how to work on things with a women in bar, it’s always better not going to one.

Let’s discuss on how to pick a women from bars,

how to stand unique in the crowd, remember you are not that only one there with the intention of picking up a women, there are a lot of others too, and it is not such a easy task to pick one up.
When you enter the bar, everyone around will not know if you are good guy or a evil one all they see is how you look the way you are dressed ,what you are wearing, so make sure you do these things correctly to get the attention of any women in that bar. Stand unique in the crowd for others to notice.

Do not go to a bar like an executive trying to look all decent, if you are the type of person who doesn’t like spending a lot of money on pick up bars, try to make a mark show your style, your dress should speak what kind of guy you are, don’t go the usual way, always try to get the attention of the women. They always like different type of guys for the regular ones.

After finding the women that you have been eying on let us assume you have started to have a conversation with her. While doing so, try to keep her comfortable, try to be humorous make jokes, make her laugh, little bit of tease through talks would definitely keep her in your zone. Never ever talk something like politics or science, this will definitely to keep a woman interested, it will only make her uncomfortable and leave you by giving you some excuse and look out for some other guy who can entertain her.

Make the woman feel comfortable give her a pleasant smile between conversations, maintain eye contact.

Show how comfortable you are with her. Be relaxed in turn make her feel comfortable .maintain a body language where she should understand that you like talking to her.
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