The 5 Most Common Ways Women Test Men’s Character

The Number 1 Reason Women Will Test You
The Reality of Peoples’ Power Over You

Women instinctively search out particular qualities in a man , you’re about to learn the basics of how women test men. They do not even know they are constantly screening men for value;

it is automatic and purely instinctive when it comes to women testing men. A man’s strength of character is an attractive quality; it is about how he holds himself and retains mental control and stability in an intimidating situation. If you lack composure, are weak in character or are not much of a leader then women will not be attracted to you and you will not have power with women.

The 5 most common ways women test men’s character:

  1. • Showing up to dates late
  2. • Expecting men to pay “all the time”
  3. • Having tantrums or reacting to ‘little’ things that annoy them
  4. • Not returning calls or text messages
  5. • Hinting that men have no sexual chances with them

Women do this because in a matter of minutes they find out what kind
of guy you are and whether you are a man with a strong frame of mind. This in turn saves them time and sorts the boys from the men. A beautiful woman can get 10 approaches a day even if she does not realize she is being hit on. She does not have the time to spend a few hours with each man and get to know whether he is a good guy or not; she goes with her gut feeling and moves on.
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