How To Use Innuendos To Attract Women

You know I have found really interesting in studying this area of attracting women? Most average guys are really, really, really boring when it comes to meeting women. I mean they genuinely are completely innocent and emotionless when they talk to women. Now, the ironic thing is they don’t know they are. In fact, they’re probably proactively trying to impress her in some way or another. What they don’t get is that women are impressed not by bragging, but by mastering the art of flirting and hinting. Being intimate, in a flirty way.

So why is that most guys seem to always be either too pushy and direct, or just stick to innocent subjects? I think they’re either too pushy because they think “that flirting stuff is just a bunch of pansy stuff”… Or, they’re too shy, and just remain completely innocent in fear of being seen as too pushy or being seen as a creep. This really unjustified because:

A) Attractive women like charged-up flirting.

B) The truth is, if a woman feels annoyed by your flirting, she would have been just as annoyed if you kept at the safe subjects. She’s just that kind of a person.

C) The truth is, women do like to test and challenge men, if you can’t pass her BS tests, she does not see you as a “real man”.
The best way I’ve found of starting to move away from innocent topics to the more chemistry-building ones… is innuendo. The trick is that you need to realize that women think about hooking up as much as we do, and at certain times even more. What this will allow you to realize is that you can bring getting physical into a conversation. If you have any social calibration at all though, you realize you can’t do that directly and just start talking about hook ups all at once… or even worse, you and her having one. That’s just crude and will offend most women.

So how do you actually do this thing?

How do you actually communicate about intimacy, while not communicating about intimacy? How do you hint and throw innuendos? Well, you just have to put yourself into a flirty, fun, player mindset. Imagine this a woman you’ve been dating for a while… Put yourself in the mindset you’re talking to a lover, and you’ll find that its easy for you to banter and respond to things in a flirty way.

So yes, its just about communicating about intimate things, without talking about intimacy directly. Its about hinting at stuff, without actually talking about it. This is what’s known as “hot intimate communication”.

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