Means To Host An Upcoming Engagement

It is very common that when a couple gets engaged they hold a party to celebrate their decision to spend their lives together. Often times the brides or grooms families swill also choose to host a party for the couple.

When you are in the process of inviting people you have a couple choices on how to do this. You can either send out printed invitations or simply call people on the phone. One thing to remember however is not to mention that it is an engagement party.

They may know what the party is for but don’t mention it when inviting them.

Not mentioning the purpose of the party does not put a feeling upon your guests that they need to bring a gift. Making them obligated to bring a gift can be viewed as just plain rude and cause bad feelings for everyone.

At the beginning of the party it is customary for the host to make an announcement toast. This will likely be a surprise to some of the guests. They type of party that is chosen is entirely up to those planning it. Anything that is comfortable for the couple and guests is fine. It can be very casual or very elegant.

Sometime something as simple as a lunch or tea for the bride is a fine substitute for an elegant dinner party. For this you can have the mothers of the bride and groom, relatives, close female friends, and the wedding party in attendance and it will be very quaint and acceptable.

The engagement party is all about having fun, best wishes to the couple, and new beginnings.

There’s no need to have every detail perfect like you will for the wedding. Just have fun.

Another thing to remember is not to spend a ton of money on this party. You’ll have a chance for that when it comes time to pay for the rehearsal dinner and the actual wedding. Nothing bad is going to happen at your engagement party unless one of you decides to call it off during the event.

Just have fun and don’t stress out. Save the stress for the wedding.
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