Working Out the Best Boyfriend Breakup Excuses to Succeed

Do you know why the best boyfriend breakup excuses seem to be completely inadequate? It’s because they are inadequate. You owe it to yourself and your boyfriend to offer real reasons for the end of the relationship rather than trite excuses and platitudes that offer no closure and no hope for future relationships.

Surprisingly, there are three reasons to prove that the best boyfriend breakup excuses do not work. They can even aggravate the situation instead of ironing it out.

* Boyfriend breakup excuses sound insincere. You’ve probably heard the old “it’s not you; it’s me” excuse in dozens of movies and it always sounds about as sincere as someone and heart felt as someone ordering his or her 12th cup of coffee for the day (really after five or so is the caffeine going to keep you any more awake?). Don’t pretend to be someone else when spilling the beans out of the bag. Men can see right through it and will not appreciate your lies.

* The end is going to sting no matter how much you sugar coat it. You may as well give him the courtesy of an honest response when he asks why. It will help him find closure much more quickly and spare him endless hours of searching and second guessing for the real reason it ended. Don’t make up stories before her before, before everything you’ve worked for goes down the drain.

* Be honest with your reason of breaking up, don’t make up excuses that are too superficial. The more superficial the alibi is, the more your boyfriend is hurt because he thinks you’re enjoying the thought of torturing his emotions. Don’t keep him from the reality. Let him accept his defeat though it’s painful by giving him honest reasons behind the breakup.

Have you made excuses in the past for ending a relationship that you now want to repair? Find out how to get your boyfriend back no matter what the odds may be and begin the process by putting these great steps.